How fast are you in the Bernax GT / Rally Simulator?

Virtual Reality RacingOur GT / rally simulator is the perfect simulator for your event or promotion, if you want to challenge your guests with hot laps or race each other.

This GT simulator simulates Special Rally stages, Le Mans or DTM races. It is equipped with professional steering system and pedals and always professionally operated by Bernax staff, to give your guests the best experience!


Rent a GT / Rally Simulator

Please request a quotation for a tailor made offer. We do not state fixed rental prices because we always make tailor made offers according to your preferences.

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Main features:

  • Force feedback steering system
  • 3 Pedal system with adjustable brake resistance
  • Super stabile aluminium roll-cage design
  • Original extra wide, racing seat as used in GT/Touring- and Rally cars
  • Adjustable seat, pedals and steering wheel
  • Gear flippers or H-pattern shifter

Equipable options:

  • Surround sound
  • Virtual reality for an out-of-this-world experience
  • H-pattern or sequential shifter
  • Several display options, like 1 monitor, triple monitor
  • Motion systems for G-force simulation
  • Race decorations
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