Race simulator rental for promotions, exhibitions and events

Bernax provides the best motorsports events you will find. Let your customers experience the realistic possibilities of simulator racing at your show, promotion or workshop or use a simulator or draw the crowds with a full-size formula car during an event. Rental of a race simulator is ideal for companies, sponsors in motorsports, and of course for each company that counts “top performance, speed, teamwork, etc.” to its key values. We also offer individual training sessions for drivers seeking to gain an advantage on track.

Bernax Race Simulator advantages:

  • 20 years of experience with corporate events
  • The latest high-end steering wheels and pedals
  • Large size displays and VR or multi-monitor options
  • Latest race simulation software
  • Customized simulators and software in corporate or team livery 
  • The right compromise between realism and drivability
  • Experienced and well trained operators
  • Excellent service at your event, show or promotion
  • Worldwide operation and fast delivery

Our Cockpit simulators can be connected in a network for realistic competition racing. Up to 18 drivers can race against each other in a full starting field.

F1 Simulator Bernax - Exxonmobil



Bernax Cockpit simulator – Versatile sim racing

This simulator with a classic design is the most compact cockpit simulator and thus ideal for locations with limited space.  It is also perfect for connecting 2, 4 or more simulators for race competitions on any track. This simulator is designed to simulate the seating position of a formula car. It has proven to be one of the most realistic and enjoyable racing experiences in the world. All elements of the simulator can be customized to your corporate identity of team livery.

If you are looking to add a little formula racing to your event, look no further.


Our Cockpit simulator can be configured easily and quickly. We can supply a virtual reality system and/ or motion platform for an even more intense racing experience.

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Extra options:

We at Bernax Race Simulators find it important to support you with custom solutions. We support you with the set-up of your events and promotions. We strive for an optimal result within your budget.

We offer the following options:

  • Virtual reality for an even more intense experience
  • Possibility of a fully branded simulator and software
  • Lap time display on a separate screen
  • Decorations such as formula racing tyres, pit boards, flags, etc
  • Podiums to place your main attraction on a pedestal
  • Motion system for extra realism and G-force simulation
  • Surround sound

Exact Online simrace - event Sim Race Kampioenschap Race Simulators group - Racing McGregor F1 - event Williams F1 Car - event Exxonmobile F1 simulator


GT / Rally Simulator – Ideal for every event

A Bernax GT / rally simulator has been designed to reflect the seating position of a GT car or a Rally car. Force feedback, surround sound and chassis shakers provide you with the best possible sim race experience.

Sim racing like sim racing should be. With 1 or 3 monitors, Virtual Reality goggles or as the ultimate simulator with motion system for G-force simulation.

Easy access combined with realism, comfort and racing in the natural sports car position. A solid and versatile simulator that is a perfect addition to any event.

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Full-size formula simulator – Racing in a real formula car

Our full size formula simulator provides the unique experience of being in a real formula car and, on top of that, the opportunity to drive it! A guaranteed crowd-puller on any event.

We have combined the allure of a full-size formula car with the practical and technical aspects of a racing simulator. Our widened cockpit makes it possible for most people to be able to fit in the car. And we maintain the same height standards regarding the hardware as we do in all of our simulators. We can brand the full-size formula in team liveries and/or your corporate identity.

Formule 1 Simulator - Bernax

The most realistic formula simulator and the best way to help your company’s fast / exclusive image.

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Formula 1 Showcar


Formula showcar, a formula car to touch

Most people only see these type of cars on TV. With this formula show car your audience will have the opportunity to get up close with one and take a picture with it.

Our  showcar can be branded with your corporate logo and colors. This car can be rented for one or more days.

A real formula racing showcar: a guaranteed succes on your event.

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Batak Lite – Do you have the reaction speed of a racing driver?

Reaction speed is key in (sim) racing. Test it with our Batak reaction trainer. Top-level racing drivers use the Batak as a training tool too!

Test your reaction speed and compare it to the real life racing drivers. Or challenge your colleagues, customers or friends. The Batak reaction trainer is fully customizable with your corporate colours and logo.

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Batak Lite - Reactiontrainer Bernax


Race Decorations

To create the real motorsport atmosphere at your promotions, exhibition or event, Bernax supplies race decoration materials (only in combination with simulator or showcar). For instance:

  • Race overalls
  • Pit boards
  • Race tyres and rims
  • Race flags
  • Parts of a formula car
  • Oil drums
  • Race car scale models

We provide our race decoration materials on request.

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Convinced of our quality and service?

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