New: F1 Monocoque Simulator

At Bernax we spent a lot of time developing an evolution of our classic F1 Cockpit Simulator. This new design can be branded even better. This simulator is designed for the future. If you are looking for a home or office simulator, the F1 monocoque simulator is the best you can buy.

This simulator has a red finish, but is fully customizable in team livery or corporate identity, to make it a professional simulator.

When purchasing a turnkey simulator, delivery, installation and instruction are included in most cases.

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All prices are indicative. Taxes not included.

This simulator is fully customizable and extendable. Ask us for a bespoke offer. We will contact you to go through the specifications and options, before making an offer.

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From € 7250

Main features:

  • Hand-built for the best Formula 1 race experience
  • F1-style force feedback steering system with gear flippers
  • Buttons for ERS, DRS, brake balance, pit-limiter, etc.
  • Throttle and brake pedal system with realistic resistance
  • Black fibre race seat, interior and heel plate

Equipable options:

  • Surround sound for ultimate race sound experience
  • Motion system for G-force simulation
  • Displaying the lap times on a separate screen
  • Virtual reality for an out-of-this-world or experience
  • Race team livery
  • Fully installed computer with simulation software
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