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Bernax Race Simulators is driven by a passion for motorsports and by the ambition to supply world class race simulators to customers worldwide. We sell and rent race simulators. For your promotions, event or exhibition, we can create custom solutions. And in a growing number of cases we develop custom simulators, in software as well as hardware.


Bernax Race Simulators: Specialists in custom race simulators

In 1996, Bernax was the first company in Europe to introduce a professional Race Simulator, at the Motorshow Essen in Germany. The Bernax Race Simulator launch was a sensational showstopper for both racing drivers and motorsports press.

From that moment on, we have continuously developed our products and we offer race simulators with the best price-performance ratio. It is our mission to provide high quality race simulators at a reasonable price. Innovation of our products is an ongoing process.


Quality, customization and special race experiences

Bernax takes care of promotions for several multinational sponsors of Formula 1 teams and other racing teams. But we also work for smaller companies to operate race simulators at events and shows. For us size does not matter! We rent race simulators, show cars and show trailers to many customers worldwide.

Besides promotions, we carry out planning, logistics, storage, technical servicing and professional operation. This has proven to be a very efficient way to take motorsport sponsoring of multinational companies directly to their customers on shows, shopping malls, race tracks and events.

Racing a Bernax simulator is not just a game, but a realistic simulation of real racing. Experience motor racing in a challenging, sustainable and safe way!

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